Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Christmas Tree Found!

'Oh, I think it's a lovely tree!' said Norma.

And Annie did a little dance around the tree to show how pleased she was.

'And it doesn't mind being moved?' asked Norma.

'It's fine about it,' replied Annie, 'but it does want to be put back before New Year's Eve.'

'Hmm,' said Norma, 'it's probably some sort of ancient woodland lore that says it has to be back by then.'

'Actually it's going out on a hot date with a Spruce,' replied Annie.

'Is that really what it said?' asked Norma.

'That's what I heard in my head,' replied Annie.

Norma considered that this still left the question largely unanswered but thought it best to push on.

'We'd better go and get the equipment,' she said.

And so they began a leisurely walk back down the hill.

'Oh, there's one more thing,' said Annie as they went along, 'it wanted to know if we knew of a good landscape artist.

'Hmm,' whispered Norma, 'not one that I'd like to recommend.'

'That's what I said,' replied Annie.

And they hurried along.

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