Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Christmas tree planning committee

'I think we'll need a variety,' said Norma.

'He likes fruit best,' called out Annie.

'He likes them all best!' said Bertha.

'So I was thinking if we made them on Sunday?' added Norma.

Having reached the top of the hill the girls slowed down to a walk and went on a little while without talking.

'I think you're probably right,' said Bertha after a while. 'If we start on the tree today and then take a break for baking tomorrow and finish the tree on Monday.'

'The problem is making sure he doesn't smell them,' said Norma.

'We'll need at least a five mile exclusion zone,' replied Bertha.

'I could challenge him to a helter skelter race,' suggested Annie.

'And we could take the Pickled Heifer out and bake onboard,' said Norma.

'A plan of evil genius,' giggled Bertha.

And the girls walked on.

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