Thursday, 9 December 2010

Decorating your Christmas tree

'No!' said Bertha. 'There is simply no tradition at all of having a penguin at the top of a Christmas tree!'

'Is!' mooed Annie.

'Perhaps if we gave her a halo?' suggested Norma.

'A penguin with a halo!' said Bertha.

'St Geraldine!' said Norma and she giggled.

'She'd need a wand as well,' added Annie.

'Or a haddock on a stick,' said Bertha.

And Norma giggled a lot more.

'Can we please try to be serious for a moment?' she asked.

'Baubles!' said Annie.

And Norma laughed so much her hat fell off.

'Stop it!' she cried.

'I do believe she's got the giggles!' said Bertha.

'I hope her baubles don't fall off then,' said Annie.

'Can that happen?' asked Bertha.

'When it's this cold,' said Annie, 'if you giggle too much it can loosen the hinges...and then your baubles drop off.'

And it was some time before Norma was able to do anything.

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