Friday, 17 December 2010

Downhill cake skiing

'So you just made a small one this year?' said Captain Bill.

'We didn't have much time left,' replied Norma.

'Looks very good though!'

'Thank you,' said Norma.

'And the slalom course?'

'Annie and Geraldine are just carrying out a final test.'

'Ski lift's a nice touch.'

'The hoist was broken anyway.'

'Well a job well done.'

'That's what we thought,' replied Norma.

'And it looks nice with all the snow around it.'

'Actually it's not snow,' replied Norma. 'We had half a batch left and Cyril shouted 'icing fight'....Bertha's still chiseling bits of it off Horace.'

'He needs to learn to move a bit quicker!' said Captain Bill.

And Norma agreed that he did.

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