Thursday, 16 December 2010

The icing on the cake

'Hose pressure holding steady,' mooed Norma.

'Geraldine reporting skiing conditions 'firm',' called out Annie.

'Well done everyone!' shouted Bertha.

'Horace and Captain Bill approaching with batch number 3,' continued Annie.

'Excellent,' replied Norma, 'this one is almost empty.'

And indeed, as predicted, at that very moment the hose spluttered and the icing ran out.

'Just time for a quick break,' said Bertha and she herded forward for a closer look at the cake.

'You're getting a very even coating,' said Norma.

'Should I come down and have a look?' offered Cyril.

But by uninanomous agreement Cyril was told to stay exactly where he was.

At this rate we'll be done before dark,' said Norma.

'It's the new bigger tubs,' said Bertha, 'it makes it so much quicker.'

'We'd better get the hose off this one,' suggested Norma.

So between them Norma and Bertha removed the hose from the empty tub and as a special treat Norma scrapped out a large blob of icing and flicked it up to Cyril.

'Needs more vanilla,' called out Cyril.

And so more vanilla was added.

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