Wednesday, 8 December 2010

If a picture paints about 10 words...

'But,' said Horace, 'what's it supposed to be?'

'What!' mooed Captain Bill.

'What?' asked Horace.

'It's Norma!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'You mean...'our' Norma?'

'Of course it's 'our' Norma!'

'But it doesn't look anything like her!' said Horace.

'You're probably standing too close,' replied Captain Bill.

Horace stepped back a bit.

'I wrote about her eyes shining with a love that burns the soul.'

'Yes,' said Captain Bill, '...I couldn't find the right coloured pencil for that.'

'She looks...possessed!'

'It's probably just the light,' replied Captain Bill. 'I'll think I'll do Cyril next...might need a bigger piece of paper though.'

'No,' said Horace, 'no..I...I really don't want you doing any more.'

'Overshadows the poetry,' suggested Captain Bill, 'I can see where you're coming from.'

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