Friday, 3 December 2010

Making poetry even better

'Well I have to say you don't make it easy to find you,' said Captain Bill.

'I like it down here,' replied Horace.

'At the end of the pier?' questioned Captain Bill. 'In winter?'

'I find it very inspiring,' replied Horace.

'Right,' said Captain Bill, 'actually it was about the old poetry that I wanted to talk to you about. Cyril said that you've been running off a bucket load for Christmas presents.'

Horace turned to look at Captain bill.

'I've spent considerable time crafting individual works for each of you, if that's what you mean?'

'Indeed!' mooed Captain bill, 'and I was thinking perhaps I could lend a hoof. Not with the words of course, although I dare say a bit of editing....anyway I thought I could do some pictures...illustrations...possibly?'

'Why?' asked Horace.

'To help you!' replied Captain Bill. 'Might even mean they get published. I think I remember reading somewhere about how much publishers like that sort of thing.'

'Do you actually know anything about drawing?' asked Horace.

'Can't be that difficult,' replied Captain Bill. 'I've got my own pencil.'

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