Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Never too late...for Christmas cake!

'It needs more mixed peel,' said Cyril.

'No it doesn't!' replied Bertha.

'I'll put in another couple of sacks anyway,' said Cyril.

'I knew this was a mistake!' mooed Bertha.

Cyril looked hurt.

'There are people who would appreciate on the spot advice from a top cake expert.'

'Not when the advice consists purely of 'put some more in'!' replied Bertha.

'But it's not up to the top yet,' said Cyril. 'I'll put some more raisins in.'

'It doesn't need more raisins!' exclaimed Bertha. 'It needs mixing...for which I shall need a larger spoon.'

'So you don't need that spoon anymore?' asked Cyril.

'You're not going to lick it!'

'Clean it...I was going to clean it.'


'...by licking it.'

'Argghhhh!' screamed Bertha. 'Go away...go away and get Norma, but stay away!'

Cyril licked the spoon.

'It needs more brandy.'

'Just a couple of barrels,' said Bertha.


Ruth Lull said...

Sounds like heavy calories, Bertha. How about skipping the stirring and go straight for rum?

Missy said...

ha funny!

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