Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The present problem solved

'But where on earth?'

'Early gift from Annie,' replied Cyril.

'And you're going to keep it on?' asked Captain Bill.

'Worn,' replied Cyril, 'with pride! Although I feel a smidge of mistletoe would increase my irresistibleness.'

'But you look ridiculous!'

'Ridiculous, but with presents,' corrected Cyril.

'It is perfectly possible to do Christmas without presents,' said Captain Bill.

'But it's not recommended,' replied Cyril. 'I take it you've still...?'

'Yes!' mooed Captain Bill, '........what am I going to do?'

'Emigrate?' suggested Cyril.

'I tried that this morning,' replied Captain Bill. 'Had a bit of a problem with the Pickled Heifer...and Not North seems to have moved again!'

'So what you're looking for is a miracle?' suggested Cyril. 'What you're looking for is someone who can stampede in at the last moment and save your very life.'

'How much?' asked Captain Bill.

'Sign here,' said Cyril.

'HOW MUCH!' mooed Captain Bill.

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