Monday, 20 December 2010

The romance of Christmas...possibly?

'Well I'm just saying that it's kind of you,' said Norma.

'It is a heavy sack,' replied Horace.

'I just like buying presents.' said Norma.

'Do you think they'll be alright under the tree?'

'I think so,' replied Norma, 'even Cyril can be good at this time of year...if he puts a bit of effort in!'

'And...and I thought we might go skating afterwards?'

'Oh that would be nice,' replied Norma, 'and we could ask Bertha and Annie along.'

'Well...if you want to...I don't mind.'

'And Geraldine, we can't leave her out, not after her triumph at the skiing.'

'No I don't suppose so.'

'It'll be fun if there's lots of us...we could organise some games.'

'Perhaps,' replied Horace, who was starting to find the sack very heavy indeed.

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