Saturday, 11 December 2010

Turning on the Christmas lights

'Perhaps I should have a quick look?' suggested Captain Bill.

'Just leave it alone!' mooed Bertha.

'That wire...'

'Is fine!'


'Don't touch it!'

'Ahem!' said Norma. 'If we could have a bit of hush? It is my great pleasure to welcome you all here and to introduce our special guest...ladies and gentlemen...Ms Geraldine!'

Everyone gave Geraldine a round of applause.

And in response she waved her wings about a bit, cheeped, squawked, did a very pretty dance and then jumped onto the large red button that was in front of her.

The lights on the Christmas tree came on.

'Told you!' said Bertha.

'Wonderful!' said Norma.

'She's a pengiming,' added Annie.

'Is that one flickering?' asked Captain Bill.

'Look,' said Bertha, 'if you go anywhere near them I can promise you somebodies lights WILL go out!'

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