Monday, 13 December 2010

Wrapping Christmas Presents

Hello everyone and welcome to 'Present Wrapping Made Easy' with Norma and Annie.

Now I think I should say at the outset that Annie and myself do have slightly different approaches, but I hope that between us we can help to make your present wrapping just a bit easier.

So to begin with you'll need wrapping paper. My recommendation is for one really nice roll of the highest quality...although Annie tends to favour 154 mixed rolls which can be applied in several layers.

Of course wrapping can be made considerably easier if you can put your presents into a square presentation box, perhaps with some packing around it...or you could chose to wrap the present to yourself so you don't lose's your choice.

Finally, you'll want to finish off with a bit of ribbon tied into a bow and a well placed gift tag...I'm suggesting just using one...

Well I hope that's helped...possibly!

Take care


Norma and Annie...and Geraldine as well because she's sort of in the picture and she was quite helpful...until Annie wrapped her up.

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