Monday, 24 January 2011

Announcing a new think

'Hello!' said Annie.

Geraldine very kindly half opened one of Cyril's eyes and gave him a wave.

'Hello,' said Cyril.

'What are you doing?' asked Annie.

'Mid afternoon, intersnack snoozing,' replied Cyril and his eye closed again.

'You probably don't want to be disturbed then?' said Annie.

Cyril rolled over and swished his tail around for while.

'But I suspect I'm going to be,' he replied.

'I've had a think!' said Annie and she lent across so Cyril could see into her ear.

'Hmm,' said Cyril, who stood up and shook himself. 'That's looking like rather a good one.'

'One of my best,' mooed Annie.

'Will there be larks?' asked Cyril.

'And japes,' said Annie.

'Giggles?' asked Cyril.

And Annie nodded.

'Then Sir Cyril of Plottingshire is at your disposal!' said Cyril.

And with that the two conspirators moved on....with Geraldine not far behind them...because she is sort of involved.


Armenoi said...

Ooooo (I found some of Annie's lost oooo's including a really capital sort of one.

Do I sniff an adventure or just mayhem ensuing?

Dotty said...

I like the idea of "intersnack snoozing"- bliss!