Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The art of saying sorry

'I know it wasn't anyone's fault,' began Norma, 'I just thought that to help to keep the peace you could just say that you were sorry.'

Annie stared at Norma.

'I've lost a mitten.'

'It's on the pier,' replied Norma, 'Cyril's gone to collect it, but if you could just explain that it was an accident. You know how Captain Bill gets himself all worked up over these sorts of things.'

'Mittens!' mooed Annie and she stampeded off towards the pier.

Norma sighed.

Bertha arrived.

'I saw the whole thing,' she said, 'he was clearly standing in the wrong place, he never learns.'

'Yes, quite possibly,' conceded Norma, 'but I'm just trying to do my bit smooth things over and I'm pretty sure Cyril did stick a hoof out.'

'Well he shouldn't have been standing there,' said Bertha.

'No,' replied Norma, 'but I don't think there's anything to be gained by letting these things drift on.'

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'maybe not but I dare you to say you didn't giggle?'

'Now don't,' replied Norma. 'Now is not the time for laughing.....I'll wait until I've prised the octopus off his head.'

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Armenoi said...

Ha, ha, ha ,ha - the octopus - ha, ha, ha!