Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A conversation...and nothing more.

'Well again, thank you,' said Norma.

'For walking you about for a bit?' asked Horace.

'No,' replied Norma, 'although it's kind of you to do so and it's more than Captain Bill was prepared for. I meant about finding this.'

'It wasn't a problem,' replied Horace.

'I would have been so upset if I'd lost it,' continued Norma, 'it's such a nice hat.'

'I just found it when I was out walking,' replied Horace.

'I think it must have fallen off when I was dancing,' said Norma, 'I think I did quite a bit of dancing.'

'You did,' replied Horace.

'I just wish I hadn't had so much wine!'

'Mmm,' said Horace.

'Sometimes I think I should have someone to look after me,' said Norma.

But Horace said nothing and so for a while they walked on in silence...until they met a penguin.

'Oh!' said Norma. 'Geraldine seems to have made something?'

'It's for you,' replied Horace, '..I...I asked her's a bit of a 'pick me up'.'

'What's in it?' asked Norma.

'I'm not sure?' replied Horace. 'But I think there's bit of seaweed in the bottom.'

'Urgh!' said Norma.

But Horace made her drink it anyway.


Armenoi said...

A true friend always cares enough to make you take the medicine.

Well done Horace and rather bold for you if I might say so.

Ann O Nemus said...

But a truer friend would have been drinking wine with her the night before!