Wednesday, 12 January 2011

For your latest helter skelter news

'So she gets 5 attempts?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well she's only going for the island record,' replied Norma, 'it's only at international level that it's reduced to 3.'

'She's still going to need to pick up a bit though,' said Captain Bill.

'Mmm,' replied Norma, 'although it takes a couple of runs to get the mittens up to temperature. I wouldn't be surprised if she really went for it on the next one.'

'I have to say she did a good wave on the last run.'

'That's the thing I was never any good at,' said Norma. 'It upsets your whole balance, that's why it's always been a part of the compulsory routine. It's a real test of your skill.'

'And there was talk of a 2 person attempt?'

'That's just a bit of fun really,' replied Norma, 'Cyril said he'd be up for it if Annie wanted to have a go.'

'I might have a go myself sometime,' said Captain Bill.

'Well just be careful if you do,' said Norma. 'You know what happened last time.'

'You wouldn't think you could catch fire that easily,' conceded Captain Bill.

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Baked Bovine - now there's a thought!