Thursday, 6 January 2011

A gift from Captain Bill

'A cruise!' gasped Norma.

'If you don't fancy it,' replied Captain Bill, 'I can problem.'

'Don't you dare!' mooed Bertha.

'And it's all paid for and everything?' asked Norma.

'Erm...yes!' replied Captain Bill.

'Oh, it's a wonderful present!' said Norma, 'and so thoughtful!'

'Well it just goes to show,' said Captain Bill.

'And it says we can eat and drink as much as we like!' pointed out Bertha.

'Really?' said Captain Bill. 'Well I'm sure you don't have to.'

'And we get to travel to new places and see new's just perfect!' said Norma.

'Often overrated though,' replied Captain Bill, 'you might decide you'd rather just give the whole thing a miss....maybe just stay at home instead.'

'Not a chance,' said Bertha.

'Well...glad you like,' said Captain Bill, 'although it won't be until later in the year.'

'Which means we've got months and months of excitement to look forward to,' said Norma. 'I do wish Cyril had made the effort to come and hear about it.'

'Oh, don't worry about him,' replied Captain Bill, 'I think you'll find he knows quite a bit about it anyway.'

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