Saturday, 8 January 2011

Hoof mittens...your essential guide


It's me...Annie

Now sometimes, perhaps once every 5 minutes or so, Norma (my best friend) will say something like 'what do you think of this hat?' and I'll reply, 'what do I care, let's go for a paddle'.

But it must be said that some items of clothing are more important than others and none more so than a nice quad of hoof mittens.

Basically you have a choice of two types, stripes or spots. Which one you go for depends a lot on what occasion you're wearing them to. As will be proved later this week stripes are best for setting new records on your local helter skelter or perhaps a winter wedding or a trip to the theatre. Spotted mittens are better suited for long walks, parties or, at a push, when organising a coup d'etat against an aggressive foreign power.

ALWAYS wear long hoof mittens and feel free to join a few together to make them extra long if necessary.

Finally for finding suppliers of hoof mittens I'd suggest standing about with a large sign saying 'do you make hoof mittens' or even try knitting your own.

Thank you

Annie (and Geraldine)

*Norma (still my best friend) got me an excellent selection of 'o's for Christmas. What's more they are microwaveable and dishwasher proof!

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