Monday, 10 January 2011

How to break records

'I thought you only had to have one person at the bottom,' said Captain Bill.

'No they've changed it,' replied Norma. 'You have to have one at the top and two at the bottom.'

'Interesting,' mooed Captain Bill.

'So Bertha will start her off and you and I will be at the finish.'


'He'll go down first to polish the track.'

'Clever!' said Captain Bill.

'Well I think we sometimes forget just how good Annie is at this,' replied Norma. 'You know she considered turning professional at one point.'

'True,' said Captain Bill, 'and the hoof mittens?'

'Completely legal,' replied Norma. 'Annie wouldn't cheat at this, she takes it too seriously.'

'And Horace?'

'He's busy,' replied Norma, 'but he's agreed to do a new poem for Friday.'

'Something cheerful?' asked Captain Bill.

'Now don't start!' said Norma.

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