Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The importance of stripes

'How's it going?' asked Bertha.

'Unofficially we're under 30 seconds,' replied Annie.

'That's Cyril assisted though?' asked Bertha.

'He's only giving me the littlest push,' replied Annie, 'mostly it's because of these!'

And at this point Annie waved 4 of the softest, warmest and undoubtedly stripiest hoof mittens that anyone had ever seen.

'It's the stripes that make you go faster,' mooed Annie. 'Cyril had them especially made just for meeeeeeeee! They're the bestest present ever!.'

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'I think we can look forward to the Helter Skelter records being broken then.'

And Annie nodded in agreement.

'Anyway,' continued Bertha, 'if you could both spare a few minutes, Eyepatch wants us.'

'But it's Helter Skelter time!' said Annie.

'There is an unopened present,' added Bertha.

'PRESENTS!' mooed Annie.

And she ran off in the general direction of Captain Bill.

'I'll let Cyril know then shall I?' called out Bertha.

And she did just that.

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