Monday, 3 January 2011

In with the New...but quietly!

'Bertha!' mooed Norma.

'Mmmmm?' said Bertha.

'S'all dark!'

'Tis,' said Bertha.

Bertha!' said Norma.

'Mmmmm?' said Bertha.



'So....did we....did we have a party celebrate the New Year?'

'I think we must have!' replied Bertha.

'Bertha!' called Norma.


'I....I can't feel my hooves.'

'Must have been dancing,' suggested Bertha.

'Naughty hooves!' mooed Norma. 'Although that would account for where the gramophone is.'

'Where's that?' asked Bertha.

'I'd rather not say,' replied Norma.

'Bertha!' said Norma.

'Mmmmm?' replied Bertha.

'If...if I have a little nap...would you wake me up?'

'When?' asked Bertha.

'April,' said Norma.

1 comment:

Ann O Nemus said...

Well, well well...Looks like some of you had a more festive New Years Eve than I did. *Sigh*