Saturday, 29 January 2011

Just what should he do?

'What he needs to do,' said Captain Bill, 'is make a gesture.'

'No Cyril!' said Bertha, 'Not that sort!'

'What he needs to do,' said Captain Bill, 'is to get her attention.'

Annie raised a hoof.

'Without,' continued Captain Bill, 'the aid of a giant, 400 hundred hoof high, flashing neon knitted sign.'

Annie put her hoof down again.

'This was my idea in the first place,' she reminded everyone.

'Perhaps,' suggested Captain Bill, 'he could fight a duel?'

'Does he have his own lipstick,' asked Bertha, 'or would you like me to provide one?'

'You're never going to let that drop are you?' said Captain Bill.

'I wasn't planning to,' replied Bertha.

'Years of mileage in it,' agreed Cyril.

'Wonderful!' said Captain Bill, 'but unless someone has a better idea?'

'Food,' said Cyril.

'You're obsessed aren't you!' said Captain Bill.

'Possibly he is,' mooed Annie, 'but everyone likes a nibble!'

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