Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Major Third

'There's no denying it!' said Cyril.

'Hmm,' said Bertha, 'it's dangerous territory.'

'But you like a challenge,' said Cyril.

'True,' replied Bertha and she took another look into Annie's ear.

'It's a bit short on detail.'

'I can't rule out having further thinks,' said Annie, 'but it's not likely while I'm standing up.'

'We'll need Bill,' muttered Bertha.

'No plan is perfect,' replied Cyril.

'And Norma is a very good friend of mine,' continued Bertha, 'and I've never been entirely convinced it would be in her best interests.'

'Sometimes,' said Cyril, 'these things are beyond reason.'

'Indeed,' conceded Bertha, 'and you'll behave?'

'As best I can,' replied Cyril.

'OK!' said Bertha

And so two became Geraldine...who's simply trying to be helpful.

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