Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making an acceptance speech

'And so ,' continued Annie, 'I would like to thank my hooves, Norma, people who make scrummy cake, Bertha, a park bench called George, Captain Eyepatch, Geraldine and my chum Cyril.'

Cyril gave Annie a round of applause.

'A most excellent speech,' he said.

'I made it up out of words,' replied Annie, 'I still have 2 'thes', 4 'ands' and a 'ahem' left over if you'd like to use them?'

Cyril thought about it.

'I'll take 1 the, 1 and and the ahem, if that's alright?'

'It's a deal!' mooed Annie.

'Brilliant!' said Cyril. 'Now shall we eat the cup?'

Annie nodded.

'If there's anything better than a cup, it's a cup made out of chocolate,' she added.

'Indeed,' agreed Cyril, 'but then we should have a look at your mittens and make sure they're drying properly.'

'I think so,' said Annie, 'I wouldn't want the stripes to run.'

'Can that happen?' asked Cyril.

'It did in a dream I had,' mooed Annie, 'and then they were eaten by talking least I think it was a dream, it can be difficult to tell sometimes.'

And Cyril agreed that it could.


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