Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Minor Fourth

'So,' began Captain Bill, 'unless you've all just developed a sudden interest in mending bits of old rope?'

'Which we've not,' said Bertha.

'Then I can safely assume you have another reason for being here?'

'Secret meeting,' replied Bertha.

'Things to discuss,' added Cyril.

'Shall I draw the blinds?' asked Annie.

'Erm?' said Captain Bill. 'Haven't actually got any, what with being outside. Could have some fitted, might cause a bit of a delay though.'

'We'll press on,' said Bertha.

And so they did.

'It's about Norma and Horace,' said Bertha.

'What about them?' asked Captain Bill.

'They are but two individuals,' said Cyril.

'Well spotted,' replied Captain Bill.

'No he's not!' mooed Annie. 'He's the only one of us who isn't!'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'I suspect this may take some time.'

And so he went to put the kettle on.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Probably the most sensible thing Bill has ever said. And Annie for that matter...