Friday, 14 January 2011

Poetry...a critical analysis

'He needs to get out more,' mooed Captain Bill.

'Oh, I think that's unfair,' said Norma.

'Well honestly,' replied Captain Bill.

'It's just the way he feels sometimes,' said Norma. 'Artistic people are like that.'

'All I'm saying is that if he wants to get something published he'll need to lighten up a bit. If you ask me he should still give the limericks a go.'

'I just don't think it's him,' replied Norma, 'and he does write happier pieces sometimes.'

'Perhaps an occasional knock knock joke,' suggested Captain Bill, 'if he could make them rhyme?'

'Hmm,' replied Norma, 'anyway I think it might be best if we concentrate on what we're supposed to be doing. I thought Annie did very well.'

'Can't disagree on that,' replied Captain Bill. 'So are they going for the 2 person?'

'Annie said they'd just make the one run and give it their you might want to stand back a bit.'

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