Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A sporting star prepares

'Ready?' asked Bertha.

'Ready!' said Annie.

'Hat tie secure?' asked Bertha.

Annie nodded.

'Mittens nice and comfy?'

Annie nodded again and waved them at Bertha.

'Cyril is reporting conditions as 'nice and slidy',' added Bertha, 'and almost entirely downhill.'

'Excellent!' mooed Annie, 'particularly about the downhill bit because it helps quite a lot but I think we'll still start with a test run at half slidiness just to be on the safe side.'

'It's your call,' replied Bertha.

'Well I'm allowed it under section 3, paragraph 4 of the rulebook,' mooed Annie.

'Then I think you'd be foolish not to,' replied Bertha.

And so with that Bertha blew her whistle and Annie pushed off.

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