Thursday, 27 January 2011

Tea and a discussion

'So on one side,' said Cyril, 'there's the romantic notion of two people being brought together.'

'While on the other,' added Bertha, 'none of us can face another valentines day with the pair of them wandering around looking clinically depressed.'

'I'm with you on the second one,' said Captain Bill.

'Horace has already taken to the cliffs,' continued Bertha.

'Already?' exclaimed Captain Bill. 'How much paper has he got with him?'

'5 reams,' replied Cyril, 'I saw him carrying them up there.'

'Which means two weeks of non stop poetry writing, 'said Captain Bill,' and then the horror that is valentines day!'

'When absolutely nothing will happen,' added Cyril.

'So Annie's had an idea,' said Bertha, 'to make sure that this year something actually occurs.'

'Well you can count me in,' said Captain Bill.

'A one, a two, a one, two, three, four!' mooed Annie.

But everyone ignored her.

'It won't be easy though,' said Captain Bill, 'Horace won't like it.'

'We just need to give him a little push,' said Bertha, 'although obviously not while he's on the cliffs.'

'Then again,' said Cyril.


Armenoi said...

My heart goes out to them.
Well actually my heart goes out to all of them! What a job to take on. Not for the faint-hearted.
Hmmm... a minor fourth...

baahar said...

exciting times :)