Sunday, 23 January 2011

Towards a bigger think


Annie here!

Now as my regular reader will know I take my thinks very seriously.

In the past I've been happy to advise you to have thinks by following the 'hanging upside down' method. But think research moves on and I'm very pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new idea that's been especially tailored towards the 'big think'. Small thinks tend to happen quite easily but big thinks have always presented more of a problem and so for that reason I've now switched to, what I'm calling, the 'Swinging Penguin with a boxing glove on the end of a long stick' method.

Now I know what you're thinking (small think), you're thinking, that's alright for you Miss Smartyhooves but what if I don't have access to a long stick? Well you can always improvise, perhaps by using two short sticks tied together or a lid prop from a c1842 John Broadwood and Sons Grand Piano.

The important thing is to have a go and not be put off by reality.

Will this method have a profound change on how we all approach thinking? To be honest I don't know, maybe some thinks are just too big, even for me.

Right, sleepy now.

Take care



My 'hello' has 40 'o's in it but due to an error one of them has been printed upside down. Can you spot which one it is? The first correct entry will receive 5 original illustrations from recent blogs and extra goodies as well. Just 1 entry per person, competition closes a week today. Good luck!


Armenoi said...

Oh that's easy! It's the one on the starboliarboard that's printed correctly and all the rest are upside down because Annie doesn't know her up from her down.

niftyknits said...

I can't agree with Armenoi. To me it's as clear as mud (especially clear mud, obviously) that the 17th *o* (reading from left to right, as us Brits like to) is not in its correct orientation. Not that I'm prejudiced in any way about orientation. Or orienteering, for that matter.

Tina Mammoser said...

It's the eleventyith! Because it was time for 3rd breakfast when she did that one and got distracted.

Goblinf said...

lol @ armenoi - a winning answer if ever I heard it!

I think it's number 2 cos Annie's easily distracted.

I've twittered you today CowIsland, for sheer beauty and inventiveness and appropriateness of competition. @toothillmedley

ClareBears said...

surely it's the one from the freebie pack. I mean they're lower quality and all.

So, I'll say it's the 16th...

Helen-S said...

Absolutely definitely number 23 - I'm amazed no-one else has spotted it!

Steven Allender said...

Well I'll be! Ms ClareBears was spot on! Soooooooo the prize will be on it's way!

Thanks to everyone who entered and remember....spread the herd!