Monday, 17 January 2011

When penguins own hair dryers

'Madness!' mooed Captain Bill.

'Well I did try to warn you,' replied Norma. 'I thought they'd have trouble stopping.'

'They could have killed someone,' said Captain Bill, ' in particular!'

'Oh no!' replied Norma. 'They wouldn't have done that...their time wouldn't have counted if they'd killed's in the rules.'

'That's a fine comfort,' said Captain Bill.

'Well no harm done really,' replied Norma, 'and look I've managed to find a towel for you.'

'Thanks,' said Captain Bill.

'And I think we'd better have a look at that hat of yours as well,'

'It's all soggy,' said Captain Bill.

'There, there,' replied Norma, 'not to worry, it'll dry, although I think we aught to do that somewhere else. I'm really not sure that Geraldine should be using a dryer down on the beach.'

'And the Octopus?' asked Captain Bill.

'All in good time,' said Norma.

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Armenoi said...

Do penguines like calimari?