Tuesday, 4 January 2011

When the present is in the future

'We've said we're sorry,' said Bertha.

'And that's supposed to be good enough is it?' mooed Captain Bill.

'Ask him to stop shouting,' said Norma.

'Could you stop shouting?'

'I'm not!'

'He's not.'

'Ooooooooh!' moaned Norma.

'It wasn't deliberate,' began Bertha, 'we just...'

'...got as far as opening Cyril's Christmas present and then the whole week fell to pieces!' finished Captain Bill.

'It was very good wine,' said Bertha.

'Could you ask him to stop moving,' said Norma.

'Could you stop moving?'

'I'm not!'

'He's not.'

'Oooooooooh!' said Norma.

'Look,' said Bertha, 'we should have opened your present. It was very wrong of us not to do so. So we'll round up everybody else and have a proper moment just for you.'

'Hmm,' said Captain Bill, 'I've a good mind to simply cancel it.'

'You will not!' replied Bertha. 'Now you look after Norma and I'll go and everybody else.'

So Bertha left Norma and went off towards the pier.

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Ann O Nemus said...

Hey Bertha, it may be a gift of some ROPE! LOL