Monday, 14 February 2011

After the Valentine was over

'It wasn't my idea,' said Horace.

'I didn't think it was!' replied Norma.

'And then...'

'I know,' said Norma, 'but they meant well.'

'Was the meal nice?'

'Mmm, I enjoyed it, Cyril's a very good cook.'

'What did you have for dessert?'

'5 trifles,' replied Norma, 'there are still a couple left over if you'd like some?'

'I think I could manage a couple...and perhaps something to drink.'

'I'll go and get a selection and you can choose what you want.'

'Thank you,' said Horace.

'My pleasure,' said Norma and she slowly turned to go.

'Norma,' said Horace.

'Yes?' said Norma.

'Perhaps, when I'm feeling better, we could go for a walk sometime.'

'Yes,' said Norma, 'I'd like that, I'd like that a lot.'