Tuesday, 15 February 2011

All washed up

'And Norma says they're going to go out for a walk...which means they've got to get married in six months time.'

'Is that so?' asked Cyril.

'I think so,' replied Annie, 'at least that's the rumour I've decided to spread.'

'Sounds fine to me,' said Cyril.

'I was wondering if I should contact all the major news organisations?'

'Hmm,' said Cyril, 'might be complicated, perhaps I could do it for you?'

'Oh yes please,' replied Annie, 'and ask them if they want any more jam while you're at it.'

'Are you still sending them jam then?' asked Cyril.

'I've always thought it helped to keep them on my side,' replied Annie. 'Now are there many more dishes to wash?'

'Only a few,' said Cyril. 'I've tried to reduce them to a minimum by eating most of the dessert bowls.'

'It's that sort of clear thinking that could revolutionise the whole catering industry,' mooed Annie.

So they washed what was left and then helped Geraldine to wash behind her wings.

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