Friday, 18 February 2011

Attending an opening

' what exactly do you think he's trying to do?' asked Bertha.

'I'm not certain,' replied Norma, 'but my best guess is that he's trying to worry it open.'

'Could take a while.'

'I don't think that's really going to bother him,' said Norma.

'No possibly not,' replied Bertha, '......and after that?'

'I doubt he's thought that far ahead,' said Norma.

Bertha nodded in agreement and for a while they stood and watched Captain Bill.

'I've a good mind to go and open it for him,' said Bertha.

'Oh, I wouldn't,' replied Norma, 'it'll spoil the fun and besides he's doing quite well, I think there's almost a hole in one corner. After the last couple of weeks I could do with something like this.'

'True,' replied Bertha, 'it has been busy.'

'Mmmm,' said Norma, 'so I've arranged for us to have a week off so we can sort ourselves out.'

'So what's happening instead?' asked Bertha.

But Norma said nothing and just smiled.

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