Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Case of the Missing Valentine

'Gone!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Correct!' replied Cyril. 'On his hooves and away.'

'Bertha's gone to find him,' added Annie.

'Is that wise?' asked Captain Bill.

'She's promised the bruises won't show,' replied Cyril.

'Well that's better treatment than I get,' said Captain Bill, 'but in the meantime?'

'Someone will have to stand in for him,' said Cyril, 'and Norma's already on her way.'

'Ah!' replied Captain Bill.

And he looked at Cyril.

'I'm doing the cooking,' said Cyril.

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

And he looked at Annie...who smiled back and wiggled her hat.

'My assistant,' said Cyril.

'Oh really?' said Captain Bill.

'Absolutamente!' replied Cyril. '....So it's you.'

'I could help with the cooking as well you know!' suggested Captain Bill.

'We'll tell Bertha if you don't,' said Annie.

'Just don't serve anything until I give the signal,' said Captain Bill.

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Armenoi said...

Is Geraldine's rolling pin getting bigger?