Friday, 25 February 2011

Everyone's a winner

'Right,' said Flossie, 'Dave?'

'Passed,' replied Lefty.

'Thought he would,' said Flossie.

'Never really in doubt,' replied Lefty, 'and his hat stayed on.'

'Top pirate!' said Flossie. 'Now.....I notice there's a tick against Harriet's name?'

'Knew you'd spot that,' replied Lefty, 'strictly speaking we have to pass her as we failed to supply all the required safety equipment.'

'It used to be so much easier,' bleated Flossie.

'And....if it's OK with you,' said Lefty, 'I've passed Mum as well.'

'Hmm,' replied Flossie.

Ticks the demographics box,' pointed out Lefty, 'doing our bit for the older pirates...and we'll get a grant to put a ramp in on the ship.'

Winning all around!' said Flossie. 'Is that all then?'

'That's us done,' replied Lefty. 'Only a week this time.'

'Fine!' said Flossie. 'Fancy just randomly standing around for a while?'

'Gets my vote,' replied Lefty.

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Armenoi said...

It was worth it. Well done chaps!