Monday, 28 February 2011

How to enjoy Tulips

'And if you tie books to your horns overnight the words fall into your head.'

'Really?' asked Cyril.

'Really,' replied Annie, 'but you have to get up very slowly in the morning otherwise the words get all jumblified.'

'Well that's fine with me,' said Cyril, 'I've never been in favour of rushing to get up.'

'I wouldn't be surprised if you could become a professor by the end of the year,' added Annie.

'I think I might be already,' replied Cyril, 'I forget which certificates I've printed off.'

'Ooooooh!' mooed Annie. 'Look! Tulips!'

'Very nice,' said Cyril, 'it makes you feel as if winter really is coming to an end and that brighter, warmer, longer days are just around the corner...let's eat them.'

'Yippee!' said Annie.

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