Tuesday, 22 February 2011

In house training

'He's looking good!' bleated Lefty.

'Can't fault him,' replied Flossie, 'either you've got it or you haven't...and he has.'

'If you ask me he's even more slightly threatening than he used to be.'

'Growing into the role,' replied Flossie, 'I've seen it before, sign of a good pirate that.'

'And of course the extra height helps,' added Lefty.

'True,' replied Flossie. 'Now, everything ready?'

'Think so,' said Lefty, 'rope's been tested, space in clear, just a wee bit concerned about the hat.'

'Hat?' asked Flossie.

'Just thought, if it blows off, would we lose the threat element?'

'Good point!' bleated Flossie.

'I mean seeing that we've taken him on because of that aspect...be a shame to lose it.'

'Length of string?' suggested Flossie.

'Top idea!' replied Lefty.

'That's why I'm here,' replied Flossie.

So a length of string was found, the hat was secured, and Dave had a couple of practise swings....which went quite well.


Armenoi said...

Perhaps Flossie could run a short consultancy on Cow Island. I think Bill could do with some tips for 'Swinging on a Rope'and others of that ilk.

jaydee.siess said...

I also need some tips on how I got here and how I can get back here when I want to.
Do cows also have computers? If so, do they find it just as confusing as I do?


I`m desperate!