Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's all in the detail

'But you do like her?' asked Captain Bill.

'Well...' began Horace.

'Look we all know very well that you do!' said Bertha.

Horace glanced down at his hoofs.

'It's just.......difficult,' he said.

'Which is where we stampede in!' said Captain Bill.

'I'm not sure....'

'It'll be fine,' said Captain Bill.


'It's going to be a meal for two,' continued Captain Bill. 'Cyril's doing the cooking, Annie to assist. Bertha's going to arrange the table, candles, cutlery, etc, etc and I'm in a sort of supervisory role. What could possibly go wrong?'

'Errrrr?' said Horace.

'And Geraldine's going to serve, 'added Cyril. 'It'll save on hiring a uniform.'

'Although we may still get her a hat,' added Captain Bill, 'depends on what the organising sub-committee think.'

'Organising sub-committee!' mooed Horace.

And Annie did a little dance and pointed at herself.

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Armenoi said...

Oh no...this is just too funny for words.