Thursday, 17 February 2011

A late arrival

'It arrived on Monday,' said Norma.

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'But as you know I was rather busy.'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'Sorry I forgot.'

'Fine,' said Captain Bill.

'It is addressed to you,' added Norma.

'Mmmmm,' said Captain Bill.

'I think it's rather sweet.'

Captain Bill looked at Norma.

'I suppose there's any chance it's a tax demand?'

'Given that it's in a red envelope, perfumed and says 'To Ma Hero Capitaine Bill' on the front, I doubt it.'

'Right,' said Captain Bill.

'You'll probably want to be opening it,' suggested Norma.

The hero Capitaine Bill peered at the envelope.

'Might leave it a while....'

'Why?' asked Norma.

'.....Just because.'

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Armenoi said...

Oh no! I had forgotten about CAMIILLLLEEEE. Oh fantastic!