Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The relationships of others

'Well really!' mooed Captain Bill. 'You do have to wonder whether it was worth the effort?'

'Norma seems to think it was, 'replied Bertha.

'Hmm, well she's too easy going anyway.'

''I suppose if they're happy in each others company...'

'Possibly,' conceded Captain Bill, 'although I can't help feeling she could do better for herself. A fainting, unpublished poet isn't exactly top draw material.'

'I suspect that's part of the attraction for her,' replied Bertha, 'that and the fact that he's kind.'

'Wishy washy more like,' said Captain Bill. 'If you're going to get anywhere in life you've got to be decisive, even in affairs of the heart.'

'Really?' asked Bertha.

'Of yes!' replied Captain Bill. 'The trouble with Horace is he keeps backing away from things and no good ever came of that!'

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Armenoi said...

Oh dear. Self awareness not your strong point then?