Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Romantic Meal Menu

'And then,' said Captain Bill, 'there's the thorny problem of the menu.'

'Bertha's arranging the flowers,' replied Annie.

'So that's the starters taken care of,' continued Captain Bill. 'What about the main course?'

'Sedge Kiev,' said Cyril, 'in a dandelion sauce.'

'I like it!' mooed Captain Bill, 'I like it a lot!'

'So do I,' replied Cyril, 'that's why I made 50.'


'Not enough?' asked Cyril, 'I would happily make more.'

'Of course it's enough!' replied Captain Bill. 'Where are you going to keep them?'

'No problem,' said Cyril, 'I've eaten them.'

Captain Bill looked at Cyril.

'You've set this whole thing up just so that you can scoff food!'

'Taste,' replied Cyril, 'I have tasted the food. You can't have an event of this importance and leave things to chance.'

'How many desserts?'

'75....want some?'

'..........Yes OK!'

So Cyril, Annie and Captain Bill ate desserts until they felt very, very sick.

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