Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Safety first

Flossie looked at Lefty.

'Can't be helped,' said Lefty.

'It's just.....not very piratey,' replied Flossie.

Lefty shrugged his shoulders.

OK!' said Flossie.

'In your own time,' bleated Lefty.

'Shouldn't there be some sort of safety harness?' asked Harriet.

'Actually, there probably should be,' said Lefty.

'Oh!' said Harriet.

'Well,' began Flossie, 'the point is, and go with me on this, what you have to imagine is, we're at sea engaged in mortal combat with an enemy ship.'

'Cannon firing,' suggested Lefty.

'Cannon firing,' agreed Flossie.

'Somebody running with a pointy sword,' suggested Lefty.

'Could easily happen,' conceded Flossie, 'blood's up, heat of the moment and all, and then I give the order, 'Board the enemy ship!'. Now what you have to ask yourself is, could we expect them to hang on for half an hour while we rig you up a safety harness?'

'Moment's lost,' added Lefty.

'My point exactly!' said Flossie.

'Hmm, 'said Harriet, 'I'd rather not not then....if that's OK?'

'Fine!' replied Flossie. 'Who's next?'

'Mum,' said Lefty.

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Armenoi said...

Keel haul?
Just suggesting.