Thursday, 24 February 2011

Should Pirates ever retire?

' it's just not working!' bleated Flossie.

'She did get a bit further that time,' replied Lefty.

'Indeed,' agreed Flossie, 'but still, got to be realistic.'

'She'd be keen to have one more go,' suggested Lefty.

'Her decision,' replied Flossie, 'wouldn't want to deny her the opportunity....but still.'

'The thing is,' said Lefty, 'she's a little sensitive...about the whole age thing.'

'Understandable,' replied Flossie, 'we're none of us getting any younger.'

'I did wonder, if we could attach the frame to the rope, if it would give her more to hang onto?'

'Hmm,' said Flossie, 'nice idea, see where you're coming from, not sure I'd want to risk it.'

'OK!' replied Lefty, 'could you, could you lend a hoof to dig her out?'

'Be a privilege,' said Flossie.

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