Monday, 21 February 2011

Training Pirate Sheep

'Strange?' bleated Lefty. 'It was working.'

'MUM!' shouted Flossie.

'MUM!' shouted Lefty, 'Mum!....I only put them in yesterday.'

'Where did you?...'

'From a magazine,' replied Lefty, 'Mum!.....Maybe just press on.'

'If you're sure?' asked Flossie.

'I'll explain to her later, it's more of a refresher course for her anyway.'

'No probs,' said Flossie. 'So I'd like to welcome you all, thanks for turning up, new pirates are highly valued members of staff and it's for that reason that we put you through our intensive training programme so that by the end of the course you will have acquired a high skill value that is 2nd to none within the pirate community.'

'Will there be a certificate?' asked Harriet.

'Er?' said Flossie.

Lefty shook his head.

'No,' said Flossie, 'but rest assured, if we hear any news of a certificate laden ship passing this way we'll be straight onto it. So shall we press on?'

'What are we going to practise?' bleated Dave.

'Boarding an enemy vessel,' replied Lefty.

So that it what they did.

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

You have to think that perhaps the bovine community is safe from nasty marauding pirates if this shower are anything to go by. Though perhaps they are more 'legislation bound' than 'adventure bound'?