Friday, 4 February 2011

When friends find out...

Norma stared at Bertha.......VERY, VERY HARD.

'Ha!' mooed Norma. 'You twitched!'

'Never,' said Bertha.

'You did!' replied Norma.

'Involuntary horn spasm,' said Bertha.

'Rubbish!' said Norma and she stared at Bertha again...VERY, VERY, VERY HARD.

'You did it again!' exclaimed Norma. 'That proves it! There is something going on!'

'No, no, no!' replied Bertha.

'There must be,' said Norma. 'You might think you're tough but you what is it?'

'Nothing,' said Bertha. '.......what are you doing on the 14th?'


'Just asking,' said Bertha. 'Only you might want to leave it free.....around lunchtime.'

Norma herded closer to Bertha.

'I know what day that is,' she said.

'Fine,' said Bertha, '.....maybe dress up a bit, nice shawl, smidge of lippy, catch you later.'

And with that Bertha ran off.

'I thought you were a friend!' called out Norma after her.

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