Tuesday, 8 February 2011

When the hard work is done

Morning all!

Well I'm pleased to say that, thanks to some expert planning, things are running very smoothly indeed.

I think it's reasonable to suggest that most of this is down to me....and so I will. After all it's one of the subtler points of good captaincy that you allow each member of the team to feel that they have contributed something while all the time knowing that without your own clear headed guidance things would have fallen apart long before.

Annie's very basic notion had been built upon layer by layer until the end result is far beyond doubt. From where I stand I can see that Bertha has laid out the table and decorations while to my left the sounds of a busy kitchen greet my ears.

And so I think I can say that the lucky couple can look forward to a Valentines day that will be second to none.

I of course will maintain my position in the shadows, happy to play out my part with no expectation of thanks but secure in the knowledge of a job superbly done.

Until we speak again.....

Your humble servant

Captain Bill

1 comment:

Armenoi said...

Rest assured they couldn't have done it without you Billy Boy the Modest.