Sunday, 20 February 2011

When sheep chat

'So I went to Mum' was OK I suppose...and you?'

'Stayed here,' replied Flossie, 'pretty quiet to be honest.'

'It's more for the lambs really anyway,' said Lefty.

'That's what I've always said,' agreed Flossie.

'Get anything much?' asked Lefty.

' a new eye patch in the sales though.'

'Which one?'

'On the left.'

'Is that silk?'

'It's a silk, lycra mix,' replied Flossie, 'so it's got stretch but also a warmth that I've really appreciated during the later part of winter. I should have got a couple but when you're there you don't think about it.'

'I know what you mean,' said Lefty.

'Well....that's enough padding out....what are we doing here?'

'We've been asked to fill in for the week,' said Lefty.

'Great!' said Flossie. 'Any ideas?'

'I thought we could do some basic training?' suggested Lefty.

'Looking forward to it already,' replied Flossie.

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