Sunday, 13 February 2011

Will the love last?

'So what's happening?' asked Captain Bill.

'I'm eating this Kiev,' replied Cyril.

'As you very well know that is not what I meant,' said Captain Bill, '....where did you get it from anyway?'

'It's Horace's,' replied Cyril.

'HORACE'S!' said Captain Bill.

'Well he's not eating it,' replied Cyril.

'He's not eaten anything so far,' said Annie.

'Or said anything,' noted Bertha.

'Oh honestly!' said Captain Bill, 'just how hopeless can he get!'

'He's just sitting there,' said Annie.

'Apart from when he's fallen over,' added Bertha.

'FALLEN OVER!' exclaimed Captain Bill.

'Twice so far,' replied Cyril. 'Not easy to do when you're already sitting down but he's managed it.'

'I think he's just too nervousified,' said Annie.

'Hopeless,' said Captain Bill, 'absolutely hopeless! Well I don't suppose it can get any worse.'

'He's fainted!' mooed Bertha.

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