Friday, 4 March 2011

An all consuming read

'Miss Bertha's quite quick on her hooves isn't she?' said Annie.

'Always kept herself very trim,' replied Cyril.

'You would have thought she'd be happy to have people borrowing books from her library.'

'I can't understand her behaviour at all!' replied Cyril.

'So how long have you taken it out for?' asked Annie.

'Erm,' replied Cyril, 'to be honest I'm not sure, it depends in part on whether she catches us up.'

'She does seem to be gaining on us,' mooed Annie.

'Really?' said Cyril. 'In that case I'd suggest having a nibble as we go.....would you prefer a picture of a trifle or a recipe for a chocolate cake?'

'Trifle please,' replied Annie.

So Cyril tore a page from the book and Annie ate it.

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Armenoi said...

And not a tablespoon in sight...